Topic: Character Export iOS issues

Hello! First of all I want to say I am very happy with the app and have been tinkering with it for most of the day! Very good work on it!

Now for the issue at hand: Whenever I try to export a character from the character creator, I get the same issue every time. Please view the attached image below. Circled in Red is the notch I mention later.

The app reacts in this way:
Press on share button at top-right corner. -> Select PDF or File (both have the same issue) -> Problem occurs.

The problem is that there seems to be a pop-up that should lead you to whom you want to share the export with, however all I get is the notch at the top, middle of the screen. If I tap it, nothing happens. If i tap anywhere else on the screen, then the notch disappears and no other prompt for export appears on-screen.

The things I have tried:
Making multiple characters (all have the same issue)
Reinstalling the app (no positive result)

I am running the app on an iPad pro with the latest version of iPadOS 14.6

I hope you'll be able to assist me on this case as I am a DM and need to create/follow/import/export characters into the app to work with it in a productive way.
If you need any further information I remain at your disposal. Thank you in advance!


Re: Character Export iOS issues

Thank you for the notice, sorry to hear you run into troubles with the export.
Could you send the screenshots to

We will try to reproduce and solve the issue in the next version.


Re: Character Export iOS issues

The issue has been resolved. You can now update in the app store and it should not happen anymore.

Best regards