31 Aasamir

by bransrants

32 Feats not downloading

by insaneskiier

33 Magical Deer

by kilepierce2000

34 new DM

by BuX McNaStY

36 Dragoon Class

by Mr. Hush

38 All Plane Shift Races

by Revan7even

39 Ranger and Ranger (Revised)

by Guy Manning

40 Grung Race

by Revan7even

43 Updated Eberron Races

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49 Character Manager Issues

by KMiskell

50 Hexblade Warlock

by Swordwords

51 Phase Spider

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52 Missing Volo Races..

by snorgrifflax

54 Pestilence domain

by max.beaumont13

55 D&D 5e Kitsune Race

by J_Abner51

57 D&D 5e Minotaur Race (UA)

by J_Abner51

58 Hero level deity

by nukejaws

59 Tomb of annihilation

by donnathorpe7

60 Rathma

by dracostarnes1314