61 Fighter Archetypes

by King Tulfdyr

62 Feats the way I know them

by King Tulfdyr

63 Equipment

by DangerDan51

64 Shadow Weaver (Roguish Archetype)

by Incognito1911

65 Personality Traits

by dragonfairy1

66 Beast master

by rizzo1267

67 Darfellan class

by glittervigilante

68 My added monsters 5ed

by medevul

70 Sword of Mass Destruction

by PedroKT2000

71 Unearthed Arcana: Mystic Class

by hometownpulse

74 Saiyan race homebrew

by Vaulthunter1994

75 Urvons Dice

by wnockolds2927

76 Tagging Races

by random|:|sniper

78 Race: Half Fairy 5e

by jrgarcia2468

81 Battle Master Maneuvers?

by Krispycreme

85 Missing items

by Cresent

86 Critical Role Content?

by Polyethanase

87 Arcane Wielder

by ikhomega

89 Monk Spell list

by FatNat63

90 Assassin Class

by Dualrainz