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Bas van Stein wrote:

You can do it by downloading the content file to a Dropbox or other 3rd party filesystem and then from Dropbox select the file and click on Open With.. The complete reference app should be one of the options.

this is not working for me, it opens the app but nothing happens

Where is the file?

Gilgamesh09 wrote:

Easy- extra money and equipment

Normal- no bonus

Hard- less equipment and money

Extreme- all monsters double health but you have more money and "starting credits" and a starting merchant appears at the beginning to spend the "starting credits", if not spenr then they dissapear

God- monsters double health, all else is normal

Extra Option- starting credits(only in easy mode) 20 or 30

Starting credits- they work buy a normal merchant appears so they can buy stuff.
20 credits available (they count as gold so all prices of items are the same and same rules for stores apply)


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Awesome, will that be a play store update or update from backend?


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I sent the crash report when this occurs.

Android phone.

When I search a monster under Monsters listings and try to add it to the initiative tracker, the app crashes. I confirmed it happens on all monsters, not just a single one. Inside the initiative tracker, I can add a monster fine there but can't scroll down if there are a lot of results found to get to the right one. So two bugs if you can call that last one a bug or just a missing feature.

Hope this can be resolved soon, TIA..



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thank you for the speedy response


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The Initiative Tracker in DM tools will not keep initiative scores in order anymore. If I use the app to roll initiative it will order it fine but if I rotate the phone or the screen times out, it goes out or order again.
Galaxy J7 sm-j700T
Android 7.1.1

Complete Reference 4.2 - 5e app for the android

Need to fix this, I paid for DM tools and now it is basically useless for me.

Anyone working on this? Lots of new monsters to add.



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Aspis Cow
Aspis Drone
Giant Ant Queen
Giant Ant Soldier
Giant Ant Worker
Giant Sundew
Ixitxachitl Cleric
Vampiric Ixitxachitl