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In D&D 5 you cast cantrips for free. So you can remove the cast button for cantrips i think, leave just the info, what you have.

In spellslots, please use the maximum number of spellslots. So if some1 has 3xlvl 1 spellslot just let him cast 3 lvl 1 spell, and thats it.

If you would like to do it, and make the prev asked thing, you can add an additional button, the spell lvl button. So if some 1 cast a spell, a popup window pops up and ask which spellslot you would like to spend and then substrats it from the maximum.


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Thank you for the feedback.

Good idea with the popup, especially when you use meta magic feats this would be handy.
I have to think about the implementation but I will keep it in mind for the next release!


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Hi, just registered and thought I post my feedback in this thread instead of a new one since it is related:

My current problem with the character manager is that thr spell discriptions in the character sheet are different to those in the rest of the app. One example being if the spell can be cast as a ritual.

Detect thoughts for example. In the spell list it is rightly marked as a ritual spell, in the spells tab in the sheet it is not.

Makes it a bit tedious to always double check.

Also just tried the Encounter manager. Would be nice if monsters of the same type could be numbered. I.e. if I click 5 goblins into the encounter they'd be named goblin 1 to 5.

If I have time I'll write up more "complaints" if that would be helpful for you. Othetwise so far the best app for 5e I used so far.