Topic: Spells 2

In D&D 5 you cast cantrips for free. So you can remove the cast button for cantrips i think, leave just the info, what you have.

In spellslots, please use the maximum number of spellslots. So if some1 has 3xlvl 1 spellslot just let him cast 3 lvl 1 spell, and thats it.

If you would like to do it, and make the prev asked thing, you can add an additional button, the spell lvl button. So if some 1 cast a spell, a popup window pops up and ask which spellslot you would like to spend and then substrats it from the maximum.


Re: Spells 2

Thank you for the feedback.

Good idea with the popup, especially when you use meta magic feats this would be handy.
I have to think about the implementation but I will keep it in mind for the next release!