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Topic: Monk Archetype

Monks of this tradition greatly value nature and all things that are part of it, all races, animals and plants, through there training they have achieved some powers much like those of the druids,It teaches them how to manipulate air, earth and plants.

At level 3 when you choose this tradition you gain the fist of Unbroken air attack from way of the four elements and the Rush of Gale spirit ability,

You gain the druid craft and gust cantrips, you are only not as effected by rough terrain made by you.(3/4th movement instead of half)

You can now cast these spells.

Level 1 spells 2 ki points

Beast bond, Earth tremor, Entangle, Good berry, Speak with animals, cure wounds.

Level 2 spells 3 ki points

Bark skin, Earth bind, Dust Devil, Beast sense.

Level 3 spells 4 ki points

Erupting earth, meld into stone, Plant growth, Wind wall.

Level 4 spells 5 ki points

Grasping vine, Stone shape, stone skin.

Level 5 spells 6 ki points

Control winds, Maelstrom, Wall of stone.

Natures wrath

At 6th level you gain the beast shape ability once per day up to challenge rating 3(beasts only, and winter wolf) this increases to challenge rating 5 at 11th level

One with nature

When you reach level 11 you can Conjure a spectral beast of challenge rating 5 or lower, this beast is your ally, it have it's own initiative and acts on it's own, controlled by the DM, this lasts for 24 hours. This can only be used once per long rest.

Mind of the Guardian

Starting at level 17 you can add half of your Wisdom modifier to attack and damage rolls, you wisdom score Maximum becomes 22. you are immune to fear effects.

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Re: Monk Archetype

I rather like the concept, but it's way OP.

Rule of thumb: Never give your homebrew features that are like official features, but more powerful.
Case in point, your lvl 6 "Nature's Wrath." You have a monk temporarily wild shaping better than druids who are the best at wild shaping. Where moon druids get to wild shape into beasts with 1/3 the CR of their druid lvl, you're letting a monk wild shape into a beast tha has 1/2 the CR of his lvl. (And no, neither the fact that this is 1/day instead of 2/rest, nor that the CR will never scale any higher, can balance it out.)

Archetype features generally play better as passives, at-will abilities, or as new uses for the classes' spendable resources... not so much as 1/day novas.
(You might be able to get away with allowing 1/short rest wild shapes into low CR beasts or even a particular CR 1 beast, but not a whopping CR 3, even if it's only 1/day.)

But don't take this review too hard; homebrews are usually OP


Re: Monk Archetype

Maybe look at Totem Barbarians for inspiration if you're still digging this idea after all these months