61 Custom stuff

by Hum@n

62 Revenant (UA)

by fairyEmpressive

63 Cat o’ nine flail

by duckymon1

64 Scientist background

by duckymon1

65 Blood hunter class feats

by spykz1190

66 The Sword of Glory

by Demi-god Glory

67 Glory the Demi-god Teifling

by Demi-god Glory

68 Cleric - Madness Domain

by wsing1974

73 Ring of Divine Fortune

by CawCawKenku

74 Variant human

by ipodgaming42

77Moved: New phone

by LoRD_ToaDY

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78 Fighter: The Brawler

by Mally

79 Dryad as playable race

by wempe.wolf86

80 Ghostwise Halfling

by Brother Garret

81 Blood Hunter class

by baynn86

82 Homebrew Book of Vile Darkness

by aderbyguitarist

83 Races

by Ouroboros

84 Marshall

by Ouroboros

85 Marshall

by Ouroboros

86 Custom Homebrew

by The Velvet Witch

88 Gunslinger, Variant (5e HB Class)

by notmycontent42

89 Kitsune Race

by vixwd