61 Updated Eberron Races

by Revan7even

64 D&D 5e Centaur Race (UA)

by J_Abner51

65 Complete_db updated races

by Revan7even

66 My custom classes and races

by The Velvet Witch

67 Feathergale Knight

by conor.m.walsh

68 Homebrew Majin Race

by sesnyder87

69 Phase Spider

by darkstar.dakaar

71 Pestilence domain

by max.beaumont13

72 Bloodhunter Class

by MParasite

73 Dragonshaman

by dracostarnes1314

75 D&D 5e Kitsune Race

by J_Abner51

76 D&D 5e Minotaur Race (UA)

by J_Abner51

77 Hero level deity

by nukejaws

78 Rathma

by dracostarnes1314

79 Primal Savagery

by Demolitiondrill

81 Dawn Stroke Poison

by DrowMaster191

82 watery sphere

by twasheck

84 Shadow Weaver (Roguish Archetype)

by Incognito1911

85 Personality Traits

by dragonfairy1

86 Darfellan class

by glittervigilante

87 My added monsters 5ed

by medevul

88 Sword of Mass Destruction

by PedroKT2000

89 Saiyan race homebrew

by Vaulthunter1994

90 Yuan-ti Pureblood

by Sen