91 Problems on "+" character

by shinspiegel

92 All Warcraft Races for 5e

by joshua.m.swanger

93 Satyr (Race)

by mangaturtle

94 Swarm of Insects

by daniel.rodrigues12.85

95 Warlocl hexblade

by codywhite1012

96 Mountain Dwarf

by lopicma

97 4th Edition Gunslinger

by Poolio10

98 Dwarf (monopod)

by cgmc001

99 Norway pack

by cgmc001

102 Defender From Midnight

by TheDnDDad

104 Equestrian races

by ltcolrayquaza

105 arcane arrow

by liammail44

106 Rod of Resurrection

by Rubilon

107 Castaway Background

by arandomlypickedname

109 Gannondorf

by hingra0

110 Shield

by sdaigle74

111 Time lord

by adamkiss67

112 Scarab

by Exciel

113 Domains

by john.hasti47

115 Shortbow not in weapons list.

by christa.a.hauser

116 Revised Druid

by The Tiger

117 Repeating Heavy Crossbow

by static

118 Shadar-kai

by andrewp23456

120 Home brew

by ashandthomaswilliams