242 Gannondorf

by hingra0

243 Shield

by sdaigle74

244 Scarab

by Exciel

245 Domains

by john.hasti47

247 Shortbow not in weapons list.

by christa.a.hauser

248 Revised Druid

by The Tiger

249 Repeating Heavy Crossbow

by static

250 Shadar-kai

by andrewp23456

252 Home brew

by ashandthomaswilliams

253 Sage Advice

by 13sflowers

254 Warforged Components

by eternalinventor

255 Warforged

by eternalinventor

256 Black Winter, 9th level evocation

by LuckyBones13Art

258 no serpent kingdoms?

by faydeblaak

259 thiefling

by shadowwolfheart.dj

260 Domains from the Spell Compendium

by kempo_karate

261 Sticky: ROADMAP app for 3.5

by Bas van Stein